Double L Furniter Color Simulator - Calico Chaise DLF

The Calico Chaise DLF comes standard with Anzio Legs, No.02 Nailheads, and is stitched with Top Stitch. Motion Options: NA Adding motion will add 1.5" to the overall length of the sofa per seat. Additional Legs will also be needed. Available Sleeper Sizes: NA. Leather Colors are being colored digitally and may differ from the actual leather colors. The tooling on our Floral and Croc Leathers is enlarged and enhanced to show more detail and will difer on the actual tooled leather. Our Hair-on-Hide leathers are enlarged and enhanced to show more detail. There are many colors of Hair-on-Hide and more embossed tooled patterns. Please check our actual leathers to see all the colors and actual tooled patterns.

canvas reset sofa inside-back tightback tightback-middle-insert inside-arm inside-wings outside-wings edge-band seat-cushions-top seat-cushions-bottom back-cushions-front back-cushions-back back-cushions-outside-inserts back-cushions-inside-inserts seat-cushions-outsdie-inserts seat-cushions-inside-inserts outside-back outside-arms bottom-rail top-rail front-posts back-top-arm top-arm front-top-arm ears boxing large-pillows kidney-pillow yoke welt fringe inside-back-tooled tightback-tooled tightback-middle-insert-tooled inside-arm-tooled inside-wings-tooled outside-wings-tooled edge-band-tooled seat-cushions-top-tooled seat-cushions-bottom-tooled back-cushions-front-tooled back-cushions-back-tooled back-cushions-outside-inserts-tooled back-cushions-inside-inserts-tooled seat-cushions-outside-inserts-tooled seat-cushions-inside-inserts-tooled outside-back-tooled outside-arms-tooled bottom-rail-tooled top-rail-tooled front-posts-tooled back-top-arm-tooled top-arm-tooled front-top-arm-tooled ears-tooled boxing-tooled large pillows-tooled kidney-pillow-tooled yoke-tooled inside-back-exotic tightback-exotic tightback-middle-insert-exotic inside-arm-exotic inside-wings-exotic outside-wings-exotic edge-band-exotic seat-cushions-top-exotic seat-cushions-bottom-exotic back-cushions-front-exotic back-cushions-back-exotic back-cushions-outside-inserts-exotic back-cushions-inside-inserts-exotic seat-cushions-outsde-inserts-exotic seat-cushions-inside-inserts-exotic outside-back-exotic outside-arms-exotic bottom-rail-exotic top-rail-exotic front-posts-exotic back-top-arm-exotic top-arm-exotic front-top-arm-exotic ears-exotic boxing-exotic large-pillows-exotic kidney-pillow-exotic yoke-exotic welt-exotic motion-power-push-back motion-power-incliner motion-power-recliner motion-push-back motion-incliner motion-recliner boot boot-tooled boot-exotic between-rail-nails inside-back-nails top-rail-nails bottom-rail-nails front-posts-nails outside-arms-nails outside-back-nails ears-nails wings-nails tightback-nails legs cup-holders leds edge-band-nails top-arm-nails boot-nails all-nails reset-nailheads reset-leather-insert reset-tooled-inserts reset-exotic-inserts reset-motion reset-sleepers entire-back-cushions entire-sofa entire-back-cushions-tooled entire-back-cushions-exotic entire-sofa-exotic entire-seat-cushions entire-seat-cushions-tooled entire-seat-cushions-exotic patchwork-cdjm patchwork-aki patchwork-beg patchwork-flh images1024/calicochaise-sofa-brown.png images1024/calicochaise-sofa.png canvas-wrap2

Leather Color

leather color



Default Nails


All Nails


Inside Back

isb exotic


isb exotic

Tightback Middle Insert

isb exotic

Inside Arm

isa leather color

Inside Wings

isa leather color

Outside Wings

isa leather color

Edge Band

isa leather color

Entire Back Cushions

Entire Back Cushions

Entire Seat Cushions

Entire Back Cushions

Seat Cushions Tops

seat tops leather color

Seat Cushions Bottom

seat tops leather color

Back Cushions Front

seat tops leather color

Back Cushions Back

seat tops leather color

Back Cushions Outside Inserts

leather color

Back Cushions Inside Inserts

leather color

Seat Cushions Outside Inserts

leather color

Seat Cushions Inside Inserts

leather color

Outside Back

Outside Back leather color

Outside Arm

isb exotic

Bottom Rail

rail color

Top Rail

leather color

Front Posts

post color

Back Top Arm

isa backsleather color

Top Arm

isa backsleather color

Front Top Arm

isa backsleather color


ears leather color


seat boxing leather color

Large Pillows

large pillows leather color

Kidney Pillow

kidney pillow leather color


yoke exotic


welt leather color


Fringe leather color


Boot leather color


Armrest Color

Cup Holders

Cup Holders color


LEDs color

Between Rail Nails

Between Rail Nails

Inside Back Nails

Inside Back nails

Top Rail Nails

top rail nails

Bottom Rail Nails

bottom rail nails

Front Posts

Front Posts nails

OSA Nails

Outside Arms Nails

Outside Back Nails

Outside Back Nails

Ears Nails

Ears Nails

Wings Nails

Wings Nails

Tightback Nails

Tightback Nails

Edge Band Nails

edge band nails

Top Arm Nails

top arm nails

Push Back(s) Power

Push Back Power

Push Back(s) Manual

push back manual

Incliner(s) Power

incliner power

Incliner(s) Manual

incliner manual

Recliner(s) Power

Recliner power

Recliner(s) Manual

Recliner manual


Sleeper Holder Image

Patchwork CDJM

Patchwork CDJM Color

Patchwork AKI

Patchwork AKI Color

Patchwork BEG

Patchwork BEG Color

Patchwork FLH

Patchwork FLH Color

Select a different Style

Choose a leather color.Select a leather color below!

  • Armani Luggage Armani Luggage
  • Armani Mahogany Armani Mahogany
  • Armani Red Brown Armani Red Brown
  • Asteca Alabaster Asteca Alabaster
  • Asteca Bark Asteca Bark
  • Asteca Black Asteca Black
  • Asteca Bone Asteca Bone
  • Asteca Granite Asteca Granite
  • Asteca Java Asteca Java
  • Asteca Khaki Asteca Khaki
  • Asteca Light-Grey Asteca Light-Grey
  • Brompton Cocoa Brown Brompton Cocoa Brown
  • Calderon Chocolate Calderon Chocolate
  • Calderon Mahogany Calderon Mahogany
  • Calderon Red Calderon Red
  • Coach-Greystone Coach-Greystone
  • Coach-Liberty Coach-Liberty
  • Coach-Molasses Coach-Molasses
  • Cora Brown Cora Brown
  • Cora Pecan Cora Pecan
  • Cora Tan Cora Tan
  • Destiny Turquoise Destiny Turquoise
  • Fendi Alabaster Fendi Alabaster
  • Fendi Cobalt Fendi Cobalt
  • Fendi Lindt Fendi Lindt
  • Fendi Navy Fendi Navy
  • Fendi Night Fendi Night
  • Fendi Red Fendi Red
  • Fendi Vanilla Fendi Vanilla
  • Fendi White Fendi White
  • Hand Antique Tobacco Hand Antique Tobacco
  • Jupiter Fudge Jupiter Fudge
  • Jupiter Saddle Jupiter Saddle
  • Jupiter Truffle Jupiter Truffle
  • Kors-Au-Lait Kors-Au-Lait
  • Kors-Bistro Kors-Bistro
  • Kors-Chestnut Kors-Chestnut
  • Kors-Ebony Kors-Ebony
  • Kors-Ivory-Tusk Kors-Ivory-Tusk
  • Kors-Sesame Kors-Sesame
  • Labrador-Pure-White Labrador-Pure-White
  • Mozart Dusk Mozart Dusk
  • Mozart Grey Mozart Grey
  • Mozart Hazel Mozart Hazel
  • Mozart Lipstick Mozart Lipstick
  • Mozart Ocean Mozart Ocean
  • Mozart Stone Mozart Stone
  • Mozart Swart Mozart Swart
  • Mozart Tawny Mozart Tawny
  • Mozart Werge Mozart Werge
  • Mozart Wine Mozart Wine
  • Old American Brown Old American Brown
  • Old American Terra Old American Terra
  • Palio Chaps Palio Chaps
  • Palio Dark Brown Palio Dark Brown
  • Palio Gray Palio Gray
  • Palio Texas Palio Texas
  • Palio Turquoise Palio Turquoise
  • Palio Whiskey Palio Whiskey
  • Portofino Harness Portofino Harness
  • Prada-Cafe Prada-Cafe
  • Relic Toast Relic Toast
  • Roche Cobalt Roche Cobalt
  • Simpson Amarula Simpson Amarula
  • Simpson Chianti Simpson Chianti
  • Simpson Hershey Simpson Hershey
  • Simpson Slate Simpson Slate
  • Simpson Sorranno Simpson Sorranno
  • Simpson Walnut Simpson Walnut
  • Stallone Bogey Brown Stallone Bogey Brown
  • Stallone Branch Stallone Branch
  • Stallone Rawhide Stallone Rawhide
  • Stallone Timber Stallone Timber
  • Thor Sky Blue Thor Sky Blue
  • Vuiton Smoke Vuiton Smoke
  • Aged Gator Egyptian Aged Gator Egyptian
  • Aged Gator River Stone Aged Gator River Stone
  • Gator Gold Gator Gold
  • Gator HB Ocean Water Gator HB Ocean Water
  • Gator HB Toast Marsh Gator HB Toast Marsh
  • Gator HB Turq Copper Gator HB Turq Copper
  • CLD Croc CLD Croc
  • CB Aquamarine CB Aquamarine
  • CB Copper Brown CB Copper Brown
  • CB Red CB Red
  • Croco Copper Brown Croco Copper Brown
  • Croco Brown Croco Brown
  • Croco Red Croco Red
  • Croco Saddle Croco Saddle
  • Del Rio Brown Del Rio Brown
  • FF Bone Black FF Bone Black
  • FF River Reed FF River Reed
  • Floral Turquoise Brown Floral Turquoise Brown

Add Leather Inserts.

images1024/calicochaise-inside-back.png images1024/calicochaise-tightback.png images1024/calicochaise-tightback-middle-insert.png images1024/calicochaise-inside-arm.png images1024/calicochaise-inside-wings.png images1024/calicochaise-outside-wings.png images1024/calicochaise-edge-band.png images1024/calicochaise-seat-cushions-top.png images1024/calicochaise-seat-cushions-bottom.png images1024/calicochaise-back-cushions-front.png images1024/calicochaise-back-cushions-back.png images1024/calicochaise-back-cushions-outside-inserts.png images1024/calicochaise-back-cushions-inside-inserts.png images1024/calicochaise-seat-cushions-outside-inserts.png images1024/calicochaise-seat-cushions-inside-inserts.png images1024/calicochaise-outside-back.png images1024/calicochaise-outside-arms.png images1024/calicochaise-bottom-rail.png images1024/calicochaise-top-rail.png images1024/calicochaise-front-posts.png images1024/calicochaise-back-top-arm.png images1024/calicochaise-top-arm.png images1024/calicochaise-front-top-arm.png images1024/calicochaise-ears.png images1024/calicochaise-boxing.png images1024/calicochaise-large-pillows.png images1024/calicochaise-kidney-pillow.png images1024/calicochaise-yoke.png images1024/calicochaise-welt.png images1024/calicochaise-fringe.png images1024/calicochaise-boot.png images1024/calicochaise-entire-back-cushions.png images1024/calicochaise-sofa.png images1024/calicochaise-entire-seat-cushions.png images1024/reset-all.png

Add Tooled Inserts.

images1024/calicochaise-inside-back-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-tightback-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-tightback-middle-insert-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-inside-arm-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-inside-wings-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-outside-wings-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-edge-band-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-seat-cushions-top-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-seat-cushions-bottom-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-back-cushions-front-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-back-cushions-back-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-back-cushions-outside-inserts-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-back-cushions-inside-inserts-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-seat-cushions-outside-inserts-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-seat-cushions-inside-inserts-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-outside-back-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-outside-arms-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-bottom-rail-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-top-rail-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-front-posts-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-back-top-arm-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-top-arm-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-top-arm-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-ears-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-boxing-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-large pillows-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-kidney-pillow-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-yoke-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-boot-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-entire-back-cushions-tooled-floral.png images1024/calicochaise-entire-seat-cushions-tooled-floral.png images1024/reset-all.png

Add Nailheads.

BetweenRailNailsPopup InsideBackNailsPopup TopRailNailsPopup BottomRailNailsPopup FrontPostsNailsPopup OutsideArmsNailsPopup OutsideBackNailsPopup EarsNailsPopup WingsNailsPopup TightbackNailsPopup EdgeBandNailsPopup TopArmNailsPopup BootNailsPopup AllNailsPopup images1024/reset-all.png

Nailheads.Select your nailheads below!

Add Hair-on-Hide or Tooled Leathers.

InsideBackExoticPopup TightbackExoticPopup TightbackMiddleInsertExoticPopup InsideArmExoticPopup InsideWingsExoticPopup OutsideWingsExoticPopup EdgeBandExoticPopup SeatCushionsTopsExoticPopup SeatCushionsBottomExoticPopup BackCushionsFrontExoticPopup BackCushionsBackExoticPopup BackCushionsOutsideInsertsExoticPopup BackCushionsInsideInsertsExoticPopup SeatCushionsOutsideInsertsExoticPopup SeatCushionsOutsideInsertsExoticPopup OutsideBackExoticPopup OutsideArmsExoticPopup BottomRailExoticPopup TopRailExoticPopup FrontPostsExoticPopup BackTopArmExoticPopup TopArmExoticPopup FrontTopArmExoticPopup EarsExoticPopup BoxingExoticPopup LargePillowsExoticPopup KidneyPillowExoticPopup YokeExoticPopup WeltExoticPopup BootExoticPopup EntireBackCushionsExoticPopup EntireSofaExoticPopup EntireSeatCushionsExoticPopup PatchworkCDJMPopup PatchworkAKIPopup PatchworkBEGPopup PatchworkFLHPopup images1024/reset-all.png

Options for Hair-on-Hide or Tooled LeathersSelect your options below!

Add Other Options - Cup, LED's, Legs.

CupHolderPopup LegsPopup LEDsPopup

OptionsSelect your options below!

Add a Sofa Bed.

Air 60
Standard 60
Air 68
Standard 68
remove image holder

Add Motion - PB, Incliners, Recliners.

PushBackPowerPopup PushBackManualPopup InclinerPowerPopup InclinerManualPopup ReclinerPowerPopup ReclinerManualPopup images1024/reset-all.png

OptionsSelect your options below!